Primero verano in Mer – Our first summer in Mer – Celebration

Although this years summer (verano) has not been top notch and hot as advertised it was nevertheless great for renovation work and progress.

Friends arriving from the UK gave us the inspiration of simply having one of our summer parties.

We printed and dropped invitations to the villagers of Mer. This was very much to the surprise of our neighbours as apparently here you simply invite people without paper (papello).

We selected a Saturday and”tapas” time (7 pm), as this is a working village but also to allow our guests to just appear and disappear for dinner and other appointments (milking cows, discotheque, etc.).

beach and terraseThe yard with its beach – a to be garden – and the old bodega – to be future kitchen – had to be spruced up. So our friend Paul shoveled the last ton of gravel and some more wheelbarrows of sand, helped to build some more impromptu furniture (benches and tables) and voila – outside ready.


outside fridgeBottles of wine as well as a large amount of sangria were kindly dropped off by our neighbours. Cooling larger amounts of alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks was solved by using the newly tiled old wash basin. Our well water comes up at 11 Celsius so just about right to keep drinks refreshingly cool but not freezing.

food is importantFood is important, specifically as we mixed Spanish, English and German style tapas. The existing kitchen (part of the future rental) became the command center for Barbara and Margaret. Chopping, slicing, dicing, baking, seasoning and more transformed humble ingredients into international “tapas”. A great empanada was delivered from the local bakery. All this was transferred to the future kitchen, which at present is still just a “bodega”.

where the food iscrunch crunch

To our delight all the villagers came. Together with our friends from the UK, their kids and more local friends we had a great time (see more pics).

beachbeach and kids mer proendos ribeira sacrabeach and kids friends