Pipe dream or nightmare – The concello sorts it out

Digger in the row

In June this year we had the surprise visit of a rather large digger, stone breaker and JCB.

The stone mole

I called it the stone mole.

They had a hard time (really) to go into our granite rock.

One of the reasons I installed a floating floor in our salon rather than try to dig or level it.

After having created the usual havoc, they put in tubes for the future waste water.

Well, except the tubes start some where half way up the aldea and do end just beside our gate.

So far its a pipe dream. One day it may actually connect to somewhere but that maybe in the distant future.

Now, we had 6 or more month virtually no rain and no one was thinking about the pipes in the ground, specifically as we got a nice new concreted camino out of it.

Pipe dream now nightmareThat was until this weekend when the typical Galician rain set in with a vengeance. First it tried – unsuccessful – to blow away our poly tunnel / greenhouses, than having met with no success it simply drenched us.

I was a little surprised to find that the water nicely flowed in the middle of the camino but still managed to start flooding my beach.


 The pipe that in some distant future may connect our property is uncapped and nicely pushes the water to the outside corner of our kitchen.

It also managed to start seeping into our kitchen.

Thankfully we left the old drainage channels, specifically in the larder and there is no actual damage, yet.

Yes, it was summer and bone dry, no-one actually thought it would rain – ever again.

 We took some photos and today Monday paid our concello a surprise visit with a LapTop to show off the great waste water pipe (dream).

After the usual banter they took it serious and the guy responsible for such things called the contractor and came back with us.

The contractor came as well, they all discussed and inspected this. Agreeing on the obvious, that water collects in the pipes and as it always flows downhill – pays us a visit. Unfortunately then it is here to stay as there is nowhere else to go. “We’ll sort something this afternoon” “Put a cap on your pipe” …..

The nice contractor turned up this afternoon with a guy that actually worked, bailed out water and looked busy. I think, my Galego is still a far cry from allowing me to understand more than the odd word, they decided to cap the pipe and, in the not too distant future, to put in an outflow pipe to the fields. If it happens, if it works remains to be seen. But I can’t fault them, they understood the problems and turned up!

We’ll follow up on this pipe dream.


PS I think they agreed that any fish turning up would be mine.

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  1. Hi, Martin
    It’s like buses – none for hours/days then all the rain comes at once. So if they extend the pipe into your field, you get a swamp at the end of your drive. Can’t you get them to dig round the edge of the field so as to water the trees and vines? Or sink a huge storage tank at the end of the pipe for use later in the year?
    Should be able to confirm dates by end of month


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