Christmas market – The 1st in Mer Sober Galicia

Mercadillo de navidad - stylo de alemania

It only took just under three years to come up with the idea to have a Christmas market (German style).

The tradition of German christmas market goes back a long, long time. Although updated these still are capable of instilling a bit of the “Christmas mood”.  Christmas market Duesseldorf Germany

Like the one in Duesseldorf, these are places of light and delight. Places where one feels welcome and, regardless of it’s being cold, can be warmed up by Gluehwein (Mulled wine) whilst treating oneself to savories and sweets. Walking slowly along the stalls, that also sell traditional decorations as well as typical home made products, one can easily be transferred to a more dream like world where the days problems and anxieties fade amongst the twinkling lights.

No, unfortunately, we will not be able to match this completely, at least not yet, but we intend to bring a bit of this special atmosphere to Mer in the concello of Sober in the deepest rural Galicia.

Now at the moment the weather is pre winter grey, busts of rain are disrupted by the odd glimpse of sunshine and, not a revolution, but the yearly metanza make the caminos flow with a bit of blood.

So this is the perfect time to change our kitchen in an ambiente of controlled chaos. One area is reserved for selecting, producing and assembling decorations and the cooking area is in full use to transform humble ingredients into Christmas delights.

Christmas delights

We didn’t need to do much arm twisting to get friends, artists and artesans to agree to come and share our vision of a “special” market. So there will be baskets, natural textiles, hecho al mano y hecho en case products – decorative, eatable and drinkable to pursue and yes please – to purchase -. German Gluehwein, sweets and savories to be consumed whilst pondering decisions or chatting.

We hope with you and our friends help we can bring a bit of the “christmas spirit” here to rural Galicia. Papa noel may well make an appearance…….

For the sweet toothwe're waiting 

We are waiting

2 comments on “Christmas market – The 1st in Mer Sober Galicia

  1. Damn! Can’t get a flight for Saturday OR change the other arrangements! Hope you have a great time – looking forward to the photos next week.

  2. I really hope it will be a huge success. As a follow-up, I think I shall need recipes for Gluehwein (did you use local wine?) and some of those lovely cookies.

    Best of luck!

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