Looking at “central califacion” may leave you freezing

Considering our options and the potential demand for central heating (“calefacion central”) we discarded oil (will become pricey) and plain wood.

Yes we have lots of wood around us but like in the UK we estimate that the price will go up and also even the best wood burner requires very regular feeding.

Another factor is power. We have power failures. So a solution needed to be “power failure proof”.

I calculated the demand at probably 24KW in deep winter. This was another reason to discard wood burners. Above 15KW it is mandatory to install emergency procedures if the pump fails or one has a power problem.

Our solution:

central calefacionWood pellets and a pellet oven that can look after itself for at least 24 hours.
Ecoforest is a Spanish company and claims to have the biggest pellet factory in Europe. They also manufacture the appropriate ovens. In their blurb they say they listen to users. Seems to be true as the range they offer is exactly right for Galicia. We have selected a “Cantina Hydrocopper” . Slight industrial look, no fancy ceramics and the capability to deliver 27KW of heat, nearly all for central (water based) heating. If the power fails it shuts down within minutes adn the 40 liter water reservoir may just go ut some degrees.

The other huge advantage is: It’s all build in – electronics – expansion vessel – pump – pellet store for up to 48h – easy access to clean the (heat) registers. Louis in Chantada is not only knowledgeable about these ovens, he also delivered bang on time.

central heatingAs my wife would probably stop speaking to me if I would attempt the standard install – as seen here – we are now waiting for the “fontaneiro” or plumber. As usual it’s the same story. I will come – that was two month ago. I’ll come next week – well last weeks statement – Monday definitely Monday – the latest. Well, we shall see.

It’s great when one goes shopping and the lady behind the meat counter takes an active interest and asks each time – has the fontaneiro been? – is it working?

So, whilst waiting we look at the nice oven and keep freezing.


PS. It’s not that bad as we have a “cocina economica, a wood burner, a gas blower and a bit of electric power for heating.


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