Winter is on it’s way – Early warning at -10C

A couple of days ago, whilst we were blissfully sleeping the temperature dropped dramatically.

The days beforehand showed cold nights and balmy days with sunshine and temperatures above 20C.

early winterWaking up this particular morning we looked out and had a surprise – All white and still bitterly cold. After we wrapped up accordingly we ventured out and the thermometer still showed -10C.

all white

All plants that are not really hardy succumbed. Thankfully we had started precautions and wrapped / closed all outside taps. If we would have found our ice skates, the water basin was frozen solid.

stacking wood - Winter is around

Just days before we had stocked up on wood. So enjoying this fantastic crisp morning and than heading back in to huddle around the wood burner was great. Whilst I’m writing this the central heating is being installed but that will be another story(ies).