Minimalistic packing – No porter needed

So what does one really need?

We are not going to Antarctica where there are no shops.

For weeks we have been debating, selecting, packing, unpacking, discarding, repacking – loop again.

Listening and reading from and about other experienced travelers we hell bend to keep it light.

This results in serious decisions. Really are three pairs of socks required? You don’t need this T-shirt! ..

Long johns – for the top of of the mountains – will double up as PJ´s…..

Some technicalities – we are getting on in years and so we need – glasses – reading glasses – sunglasses  and special ones for the Andes.

All sorts of preventative medication and so on and so on.

But we made it. This is it!!!

Minimal packing 2
Minimal packing 1

And what about the houses, the garden and the cats. Well, what are friends for?

Casa do Polo is rented out for a year and Casa de las Flores will be inhabited by friends.

But, yes when we bought 200 cans of cat food the local store manager had to give his OK.

Overgrown garden

Steve will look after the garden or try to keep ahead of the ever growing greens.

Manu will give some of the trees a haircut whilst we frolic in the warmth. 

Heating this winter? Nope,  we are on the other side….