A minor project detail – The x-mas kitchen

Bodega to working kitchen in record time. 

kitchen the original entrancekitchen or bodegamore bodega

It suddenly? dawned on us that we are expecting a load of friends, including two children for Christmas. To suitably entertain them and even more important feed a that crowd we needed the bodega to become the new kitchen.

floating floorfixing walsnext step

Preparing for a floating floor, lime mortar for the old walls, central heating, a partition and second skins for all outside walls, electrics  and so on.

We ordered a new kitchen island at our local furniture factory (Maymar) and a door and windows from a great source in Bulso. These were the first windows and doors we ever ordered. He took the time to advise us and the result, thanks to our unsusual colour choice of ‘matt black’ is stunning.  We also needed a plasterer. I do rendering but the fine smooth finish of the white stuff is still slightly beyond me. This was in November and all agreed to deliver, install and finish before x-mas.
It didn’t help the stress levels that 10 days before x-day I realised that we needed two additional radiators. Pablo, our long suffering “fontaneiro” agreed to have it done. 

It became a very tight schedule, but all finished in time.  Just!!!

the island arrives-8C in the morningdoorsdoors no glass yet

The plasterer came a week before the first of our friends were due. Three days before x-day the kitchen arrived. No granite yet – in three more days…. At -8C in the morning the doors and windows arrived. Nice fit – ahhh the “cristallo” is late. The glass will arrive in two more days….. Well, plastic had to do for the moment.

a bit of groutingoven arrivesplastic will do

 A bit of grouting at night. The not unimportant oven arrives. Lets test the ham whilst the new granite is settling in.

first friends arrivethe kitchen fires up

Breakfast with the first arrivals. The granite is fixed and the glass for the doors and windows appeared. “Don’t touch the glass” became the standard phrase for about two days. And yes, we had a fully working kitchen, with heating and all the trimmings.

So let the x-mas feasting begin! For us Christmas is the night of the 24th.

 full working kitchenfeastingand feasting

Well, for our friends kids that left the question – Can father Christmas really squeeze through this chimney?

christmas tree

Oh yes he can!

father christmas was here

A special thank you from us and our friends goes to all the tradesmen who made this special x-mas possible.

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  1. Hi Martin & Barbara, well done!! Looks great

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