Office with a view – Reward for working Sundays

The renovation of the house makes steady, but this year somewhat slower progress.

mer sober office with a viewOne of the reasons for the “slow” is that I now have an office. An office with heating and a glorious view.
So getting up on Sundays just when the frost leaves and the sun shines and nipping into the smallest room of the house is not a chore it is a pleasure.

Sitting here looking out contemplating why sp@@ers bother to send 2000 mails that are simply dumped by my filters, or actually being delighted that one of my clients has decided to go it alone or more likely with a competitor. Just having the time to skype or drop some mails to friends whilst the air warms up enough to venture outside gives the feeling that all that hard work last year was well worth it.

the office in mer sober galicia Soon it is going to be decision time. Do we go for a drive and end up at out beach (sweet water) to see if the restaurant is open and serving nibbles, or is the forecasted rain coming in and one better uses the couch and watches a film….. It’s a hard but enjoyable live.

Ahh, here we go two chats on Skype - Oooch in south of Spain 23 degrees, UK cloudy and rainy…… 







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  1. What a gorgeous view, I bet you don’t have time to get anything done looking at that! Its stunning.

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