TV Galicia in Mer – Regional entertainment from rural Galicia

Isabel Duran from TV Galicia vivir aqui
Isabel Durán arriving at Zapatero Mer (abaixo)

Some weeks back we received a phone call – TV Galicia. After agreeing to speak in Castillan we were asked if we would mind being on TV as they where running a feature on foreigners, their reasons to come to the former end of the world and what they are up to.

So about two weeks ago Isabel Durán, her camera man and the producer arrived. Admittedly it took three phone calls to guide them, but they are from the big capital Santiago!

Initial talk with Isabel from TV GaliciaIt was great fun and really interesting to see what goes into making it for about 5 minutes of fame on a TV screen. Isabel was very understanding that we would only stumble in, not necessarily grammatically correct, Spanish and she easily guided us through the whole process.

The whole episode was aired last Sunday and is available on the net:

Galician TV in Mer Sober rural Galicia – Vivir aqui

It is called vivir aqui – Living here – and is obviously watched by quite  a lot of people. Thus we will be famous for growing vegetables for the first time in our life and that in Germany the double beds are slightly larger than here in Galicia.

Inside casa de flores with Galicia TV

We tried to explain that we came here by an accidental holiday, where we simply fell in love with this area and decided to undertake a new challenge. 3rd country and two more languages.

The garden(s) and nursery gave more food to talk  …..first time growing vegetables with the result of 8 month eating tomatoes…….

Explaining that we like the view from “bajo” / “lower” Mer we saw that it is now actually titled “Mer de Abaixo” which is Gallego for “lower Mer”.

Life in Galicia on TV

I wonder what our neighbors make of this.

Even our blog is on the TV – how cool is that?

So we keep living our life quite openly, as now every one watching TV or Internet can see what we do, have and how we live.

Any complaints about the colour of the sofas are gladly received.

Doing this TV, you learn what cut to size means. It took a total of about 2.5 hours to end up with 5 minutes of fame.

Realising that they also filmed our casa vacacional, triggered us into action to finally register this and make it fully legal, before they aired anything. This will be another blog, believe me, as it shows bureaucracy at its best.


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  1. Moi bonito. (Very nice!).

  2. Oho, so now I’m talking to TV celebrities! How splendid, and congratulations. I’m looking forward to the blog entry on the legalising of Casa de Flores, as forewarned is forarmed. Perhaps. Who knows, you may find that Galicia is beating a path to your door to buy Barbara’s plants and flowers – and dropping into your local bar will never be the same again, as you’re “in the media”. Hoping to be able to set a date soon – more in an email later!

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