Survived the red alert – again – No major issues

Contrary to others like France and Germany here in rural Galicia we got a way lightly.

Enough water in the Ribeira SacraOn Saturday, as predicted well in advance, at about 5pm we started to experience severe gusts.
We went out twice to secure one of our poly tunnels as the wind had gotten into it and was starting to drag the foil out the ground.

At 8pm it was gone, dead quite. Sunday morning came with some sun shine and all just looked – wet -!

Poly tunnels still standing Sober Lugo Galicia

We went out to repair, re-dig the foil for the poly tunnel, went around our small aldea and talked to some neighbours. Except for some tiles fallen off an ancient roof nothing has happened.

Driving around we encountered a lot of minor landslides as well as some fallen trees, lots of water and where there are flood areas they are flooded but that’s it. I heard on the news that there has only been one fatality in Galicia.

We have enough water! It should last for two years but still it is raining. We have never seen the dams actually shedding water and its quite a sight. All embalses are draining water and at some , this is Belezar its a great sight.

Spring is not far off in the Ribeira Sacra GaliciaToday Monday it is April – sunshine, shower, sun shine , shower – you get the picture but it is undeniable moving towards spring.

Two years ago it was a different story as high winds struck at midnight  see this blog .

This time we listened to the alerts and prepared a bit better.

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