Life in rural Galicia – Bits and pieces from the Ribeira Sacra

Easter is now nearly passed and it was the not unusual changeable weather. Deluges of rain interspersed with sun shine. Another good opportunity to just relax, eat and avoid working.

Here are some images from just around us:

parking attendant galician style

Yes, Easter Monday, life in rural Galicia is relaxed.

As you can see we even have very relaxed but attentive parking attendants.







Rural galicia cats talk


A walk around our aldea brings you inevitable to the cat parliament. If you are in luck, they are in session and argue the latest developments in the mouse population and that the portions of cat food get smaller by the answering





The lobbyist of the said industry struts about and tries to put on a brave face.






As the warm spring sun is draining the energy, the session soon ends and the main players take their usual positions.

bored cat in rural galiciacan be too relaxing









The assosoation profesional de tourismo rural here in the south province of Lugo is called LUGOSUR and on a  recent meeting we have been formally accepted as a member.

Lugosur CaminandoOn the positive site they have produced a great booklet of walks – Caminando por el sur de Lugo – It is in Castilian.

Ask for it at the tourist info or if you staying at a casa vacacional or casa rural you’ll find a copy there.

The walks and points of interest are well documented and the inserted maps give a good guidance.

There are quite a lot in the Ribeira Sacra.

Unfortunately, its not available on-line, so there is no translation.

The web site Lugosur is a bit dated but has some useful information.







Don’t forget, there are other delight to have had here. craft tuition Ribeira SacraNo it’s not just wine and eating. You could just try if basketry or weaving is for you. Our friends on the other side of the rio Sil do offer just that.

Learn basketry, weaving and natural dying whilst on holiday here in the Ribeira Sacra Galicia Spain.

That’s it for today. Its too nice outside to spend the whole afternoon cooped up behind a keyboard.





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