Pump failure – No shower today – ….

Well, sometimes things happen at the right time. Like this Sunday our central pump decided to fail gradually. Tripping the RCD more and more often. We managed a shower each in the evening resetting the switch every so often.

I phoned Pablo, our electrista y fontaneiro, who promptly came round this afternoon. A quick check by him and he confirmed “el bomba es stropeado (kaputt)”. As we have a fairly powerful submerged pump it took the two of us to haul it out.

The good news is the pump has two years warranty and he himself only put it in about 15 month ago. The bad news is it may take two weeks to get it replaced / repaired.

Pablo being Pablo immediately offered to put in a smaller “emergency” pump to tie us over as this well is our only source of water.

well and bucketSo until tomorrow, no showers and back to the good old bucket and string method of fetching water.

At least no friends and visitors are around should we start to smell…….