We have “Nachwuchs” – 6 little bunnies – The “Rammler” hotel worked –

We returned from our trip to Germany quite a while ago and our bunny moved back into a new stable. She had the “luxury” of staying with a male companion at our neighbours.

Sadly about two weeks back we discovered one dead little one but suspected there to be more. A couple of days ago we saw the first peaking out of the hiding place they have. Now there are six!

conechos - kaninchen - bunniesbunnies 

The black little blob is the smallest but already nibbling at the greens. So far they are no longer shy and seem to feel secure as they now sleep quite in the open, but still cuddled together. They learn fast. At feeding times they are now as interested in the greens as is their mother.

Well, there may be an opportunity to use them as lawnmowers – time will tell.


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  1. Congratulations on the happy event. Shall I bring some tasty bunny receipes with me?

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