Ribeira Sacra – Let the adventure begin – Train, abseiling, 4×4, …

Adventura Ribeira Sacra Os Chancis

Yesterday we’ve been at a tourism meeting in Os Chancis. This is where the Catamaran used to start / stop. Iberdrola has lowered the water table of the St Estevo lake by 30 meters, thus the “embarcadoiro” is more of a dry dock.

BUT there are new activities planned / available.

A company from A Coruna together with LugoTerra will offer 4×4 trails from beginner to advanced. Rock climbing and abseiling, including an abseiling beside a water fall (that the one for me). As well as GPS led trails for walking, cycling etc.30 meters below normal St estevo

More info should be available shortly on

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Another company I have been in contact with organises cameoing, kayaking and white water rafting

Tourist train Monforte - Ourense - Os Peares

The best news is that the Tourist Train Ribeira Sacra will run!

From 19th of July till 12th of September a special train, drawn by two old electric locos will run on the weekends (Saturday / Sunday) twice daily from to Monforte to Ourense along the Sil and Mino.

Again as usual here, full details are not yet available , except that there will be a bar coach and on the way back it will stop in Os Peares for about half an hour.

Along the Sil and Mino Ribeira Sacra

I this is a must do, as this stretch on railway track is outstanding.

I’ve been told that more information will shortly be available in the train station of Monforte and Ourense.

Meeting at Os Chancis

The meeting was sort of interesting, as for the first time in 3 years I saw the visitor center at Os Chancis open. Power was provided by a generator and the toilets had no water, probably due to the fact that Iberdrola has lowered the St Estevo lake by 30 meters and the supply pipe dangles somewhere in fresh air.

Nevertheless some of the above mentioned activities will be based there. In case you wonder – Where is Os Chancis? -.

From Sober follow the signs to the Catamaran St Estevo and Arxemil. At the end is Os chancis. On the way are the water mils of Arxemil, where presently some are being rebuild!

Not to forget you could try your hand at weaving or basket making over at Christosende Anna y Lluis at the textile and basketry studio Galicia, will welcome you. Neraby is the pottery of Gundivos where Elias has a small museum and of course a pottery work shop with the famous black Ribeira Sacra pottery.

A trip to the wine museum and bar in Monforte more or less guarantees that you’ll start ordering “tinto etiketa” or “Albarinio” on your next visit to any bar here in this tranquil but entertaining part of paradise in deep rural Galicia.

So, this summer in between fiestas, lazing on the sweet water beach and just sleeping in, there will be lot of activities to keep us all entertained.


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