August in rural Galicia I – Estreso rural en Augusto I

Rural stress or “estreso rural” is quite common in August. There is so much to do, to experience and simply to enjoy.

Rial Sil still is low in St Estevo

One can get stressed out that the Rio Sil, above the St. Estevo dam, is still low. On the other hand one can get a glimpse of what was before. It’s fun to drive over the bridge on a bridge in Doade and than climb up to Castro Caldelas.

If you get there on a market day or when its bustling with tourists (yes we do have some…), follow the sign to the Centro Saude. When you come from Monforte it’s the first right after the plaza, you get to a parking that is just underneath but not very frequented, as one has to climb some steps.

When visiting CC, don’t miss the castle, even if you have already been, as now the central tower is open.Up to the tower in castroGoing to the top in Castro

This allows for some breath taking views.

We visited friends in Christosende near Texeira. Just in case you missed earlier posts or have forgotten – Anna is a weaver and Lluis is one of Spain’s top basket makers. Do visit Textiles Naturales.

We picked up a nice basket and the following evening Lluis basket now a hamperinaugurated it to it’s proper use. What better way than to throw some chairs in the boot, grab the hamper and head to one of the many great view points (miradores) we have here.Pick nick in the evening sun on a view point

Here in the Ribeira Sacra even in August it is less crowded than on the Camino Santiago. If you’re interested here are the latest pictures from Voz de Galicia – Camino pictures
(Top right SIG ->Siguente / moire)

Unfortunately the area has now changed, as we had huge fires burning around us. It is suspected this to be arson as one of the fires started in three places.

So there will be some sad pictures when we have time to visit this area again.

Sorry, but I don’t have much time to write at present, but next part II will be out soon.


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  1. Lovely pictures and great blog
    Best regards from Argentina

  2. Hi
    thanks for your kind coment.
    South America is one part of the world I have never managed to visit.
    Maybe when my Spanish is improved beyond the basic comunication skills it will be fun to do that.

  3. i have a farm that i need to supply with solar surafce pump – their requirments are 300 head and needs to pump 20 liters per second – i will appreciate any help u can give me

  4. Hi

    what is the overall hight you need to pump to – Max lift = Surface to maximum hight of outflow.
    Also distance from source to required watering station including any elevations.

    20 liters /second = 1.2 m3 a minute or 1200 liters minute = 72 m3 / hour
    At 100 liter / head = 30.000 Liter / day = half an hour run time under full sun ??????

    Also storage provisons for cloudy day as well as if you have wind a combination of solar and wind pumping.

    If you put “Water requirement cattle” into Google you´ll find helpful guides.

    will give you a good guide to size this.

    Looking for “remote watering cattle / livestock” will yeald some good examples

    Let me know if I can help more


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