Washing machine but no running water – No problem

As our main pump failed some 10 days ago and is still for repair (change motor) life goes on, washing piles up.

Yes, we will install an emergency supply but I’m looking for a pump that is a combination of delivering height (pressure) not requiring massive power and tolerates sand as we have a secondary well quite a distance away. I don’t need vast amounts of water delivered as 10liters/minute at 35 meters is all I need.

I have narrowed it down to two types – one is from the US and can deliver a head of 130meters(450feet), can be run from a photovoltaic array but does not tolerate sand (link is here). The other comes from Roumania and has no impellers, just a magnet piston, delivers up to 60 meter (180feet) and using a condenser at 220watt can be run of arrays and it tolerates sand (sorry no link yet).

This takes time as I do not wish to waste money on pumps I may never use.

This results in a growing mountain of washing demanding attention.

o running water no problemAs I do play with water and usually have some low power pumps about for various water features here is an emergency rigging idea for a washing machine should there be no running water.


One or two black buckets (here in Galicia these are about 1.75€)

One low powered pump e.g. any garden or water feature pump with about 20+watt will do.

external emergency pumpBlack bucket on top of washing machine. The pump I use is a standard Hozelock 30 watt water feature pump that happens to have a 3/4 screw connection. But gaffa tape to connect the water hose of the “Lavadora” to the pump works as well as no high pressure is involved.

Works perfectly except one has to lug the water to the black bucket. Happily we bought a fairly efficient one that only requires about 20-25liters for a full load.