Spring – time for Hay Fever – Cure it with Yamoa – Naturally

Yes, I declare a self interest as one of my businesses is selling Yamoa.

I have used it and it helped me overcome hay fever. I can now enjoy the spring here in Galicia and except for the odd itch I no longer really notice hay fever.

Spring in GaliciaThis being “green Spain” the pollen assault is massive and any pollen variety and mixture one can think off is prevalent here in Galicia. Years ago it would have been impossible for me to work and enjoy the outside without the help of tablets and eye drops.

Years ago I was introduced to Yamoa. It’s a simple supplement derived from the bark of gum tree variety now grown and harvested under controlled conditions in Ghana, as a side effect producing income there.
The raw bark is milled and quality controlled (standardised) in the UK where it is processed under strict food hygiene procedures and conditions, a must for orally taken supplements.

Yamoa effectYamoa is an age old remedy, well known in Ghana and surrounding areas. It originally was researched and used to combat asthma, showing a very high success rate. Yamoa hay fever effectAs it works on improving respiratory problems Yamoa was tried specifically for hay fever as well and the results have simply been stunning.


The full story, research results and more can be found here

Yamoa from the Natural Remedies Clinic.

It is a natural supplement and quite simply it either helps you or not (80% success rate so far). If you show market improvement, like myself, it will remain at that level, if you take further Yamoa or not.

That’s the difference. Research shows that one will reach a peak level of improvement, usually after two month, and once there is no further improvement it is not necessary to take Yamoa.

Yamoa capsulesPersonally I just use a one month supply every year at around this time. If there is even minuscule further improvement I’ll have it, if not, no harm done.

So if you suffer from asthma or hay fever and want to visit us here in rural Galicia I would highly recommend you try Yamoa to make your visit to “green Spain – Galicia” a holiday to remember, but not because of asthma or hay fever.


Visit the dedicated Yamoa site – and yes, my company (Natural-Remedies-Clinic) ships world wide.


PS Like any successful venture, Yamoa suffers from copy cats sometimes using unrefined bark. We are fully licensed and only ship original high quality Yamoa.