Stringing multilingual software together & visit to Vigo

Over the last weeks I have been busy stringing together multilingual software.

The slowly emerging result is a multilingual blog, mltilingual platform to advertise ones holiday home and have a multilingual e-commerce all imbedded in a nice highly flexible theme (or design). Oh yes, after initial install this can be managed by an HIVI with NB.

Sounds reasonable? Well I think it is, but a smooth version combining all this is far from freely available.

So digging into old codebases (some programming I did for a living before I was infected with the Galician bug) as well as checking some of my older sites let me rediscover a page I did years ago poking a bit fun at fellow consultants.Acronyms tried on scrabble

So after DILLIGAFF the AFTO I DIN and EPACA now. Using KISS and FIDO, one comes across OSINTOT and than SHIT happens. This is SMART but may still end in SNAFU.

If you are not a fellow consultant you may want to use this translation table 
-> Acronyms the lighter side of consultancy

is slowly taking shape. It is based on WordPress with Atahualpa theme, so it blogs and makes nice pages, it uses WPML making it multilingual and now there is a slightly hacked version of eshop to do, well, ecommerce.

Anyone in need of just this, feel free to contact me.

Now, yesterday, I was just setting up my PC´s, when our friends Deryk and Doreen called. “We´re on a boat that docks in Vigo for some hours”. OK, so we went.

just another house
Floating city

Vigo is a building site. Near the marina one is between large buildings, no way signs and double parked traffic. Eventually we found the real dock.

The boat our frinds arrived in can easily be mistaken for just another apartment block, until you get closer or look up.

It is a floating city of about 6000 inhabitants.

Vigo old town
Vigo old town

Amazingly we met our friends immediately and went for a quick exploration. Vigos marina boasts a commercial (or shopping) center and a thin veneer of things touristy.If you venture higher up into the old town (200 meters), just undergoing renovation, you are entering a different world.

It´s worth a try and there are some nice tappa bars, where the only available menu is in Spanish!

So back to hacking it together.


PS Next time we visit Vigo I will borrow a SatNav. It took one and a half hours to find our way back out of Vigo…… (night, traffic and the usual brilliant signage…..)

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