Twitter style update – So much happening at Casa de Flores / Zapateiro


more than one week and no update – sorry. It’s all happening at the moment so this will be a blog a la twitter just short teasers and yes I’ll write stories about most of this.

The window man called – “are you there? My guys will be with you in 30 minutes” They arrived and threatened to use an angle grinder to get the old windows out – Barbara went ballistic! So over last weekend we wrapped everything up and sealed the part of the property – Well now the windows are in and look great – more sooooon.

lime rendering new frontAs it was rather rainy and humid it was a perfect time to do lime rendering.
Here is a sneak preview. It needs drying out – slowly – and some finishing touches but more of the brickwork has disappeared allowing the houses to blend in with the village and neighbors.

Today sadly two of our small rabbits died. We are not yet sure why but they may have had a weakness from the beginning. The rest is doing very well.

dark clouds sailing byThe weather looks like it may improve over the next days. It is warm(ish) but still dark clouds are sailing by. Well sometimes they decide to dump some weight and we have a small river in front of the house. The “alpendre” is getting ready to have its marquee installed and I fixed the missing / broken tiles today.

It’s amazing how many chores one can pack into a day, specifically when  friends builder comes calling by at 8:45 in the morning to pick up a bunch of old tiles.

More soon – promise.