Good bye xmas tree – Hello easter – Tres reyes / magos

xmas good bye hello easter

Today is tres reyes or tres magos. This is much more important than xmas, specifically as there are more presents.

It’s also the last day of the xmas tree and we are already starting to look forward to easter.

Normaly on the night of the tres magos a local banda comes round but this year they may have parked their cars in an underground car park.

After two days of heavy rain this may not be such
a good idea.

light rain

the caravan moves on

It is also quite possible that due to the crisis and the new smoking ban the reyes have simply bypassed Galicia and Spain.

Now following brighter glimpses elsewhere.

But its not just all doom and gloom.

Thanks to the cold weather in December the chorizo harvest has ben excellend and last years wine is not bad either.

Now here in Mer and Proendos the next event is only 9 days away.

On the 15th and 16th is our local sints day with a great fiesta.

Than just a couple of days later is the facho night in Castro caldelas (Check this post Fiesta dos Fachos Castro Caldelas) . So you see never a dull moment here in rural Galicia.


Just whilst I was writing this the local banda came round and gave us a short concert.

Thanks to all, it makes us feel part of the community.


Singing for the reyes

4 comments on “Good bye xmas tree – Hello easter – Tres reyes / magos

  1. “Thanks to the cold weather in December the chorizo harvest has ben excellend”

    You are taking the Michel are you not?

  2. Hi
    yes and no. Last year same time it was still very warm, which is not ideal when slaughtering pigs and preparing sausages.

  3. Hallo Martin
    danke für die interessanten News! Wann habt ihr mal Zeit zum “skypen”? Schönes Wochenende und liebe Grüsse aus dem regnerischen Basel… The Kocher Family

  4. great holiday looking nice in the night time in the cold season…

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