Some like it hot – The latest hot springs in Outariz / Ourense

During the winter and on cold days or simply to relax after a strenuous walk / cycle ride there is nothing better than a hot bath.

If you look for hot springs these are “Thermales / Thermas”. Balearioson on the other hand  maybe hot springs now confined inside 4-5 star hotels. These offer a stylish surrounding with all sorts of treatments some are just for treatments, but all come with a hefty price tag. You may also encounter a brown sign with a fountain, these are fountains / springs where one takes the water (drinking it).

Ourense / OrenseOurense, just 35Km from us has plenty of those. Natural hot springs, where the water bubbles up to the surface near and at the river Mino (62C!). Even the Romans liked it and it is said that the often slightly sulphuric water has healing properties.

The choice is yours, from smaller public bath directly at the river, managed public bath, Japanese style (no talking please) to spas integrated in super hotels.

Outariz hot spings / thermalsThe latest public one (but managed) along the river Mino just outside Ourense is Outariz (Termas de Outariz).
To get there: From Ourense plaza de major a little train leaves every hour or so, you can walk along the river or drive to the other side, park and walk over by a purpose build footbridge.
To drive from Monforte just follow the N120 into town just keep the river to your right. I think it’s the 4th roundabout – straight you go on the motorway to Vigo- don’t – take the next exit and the next right (under the bridge). This leads onto a road slightly higher up, keep to the right and follow this road. After quite a while yo see a sewage work to the right keep going and after some more bends you see parking on the right. Maybe busy maybe empty but nevertheless park there, collect all you need and at the end of this parking lot you can join a footpath, You will see glimpses of the footbridge ahead, keep going and cross over you can’t miss it.

hot tubWhilst crossing over take a moment and admire the views. On the right are the “old” but still working bath with ample pick nick spaces and you may find a cold drink there as well. On the left are the public thermals. old bath The top basins are hot to 41C, the lower ones are cooler with a cold one, fed directly from the river. There are ample showers, a changing room and nothing else. ENJOY!

Here are some more links to thermas in and around Ourense



PS These kept us sane, warm an relaxed whilst renovating, specifically before we had central heating.