Summer entertainment – Flat pack – love’m or hate’m

Couldn’t resist the latest Lidel offer – a small movable BBQ for just 19.95(Euro that is). As we had much more expensive ones in the UK and they never lasted more than two seasons why break the bank.

Blissfully I had forgotten what it takes to assemble a flat pack that has more than 4 parts in it. So it lived in it’s pack for a couple of days until yesterday when it became too hot to do anything energetic.

Foolishly I thought ahhh I can do this fast – no sweat -.

instruction manualIt should have dawned on me when I slid a mount of parts out of the carton and found the instructions / drawing.

Ikea I like, as they usually put in the tool one needs, but this one recommended a visit to a nearby tool hire shop (well nearly).

watchers - twittering encourgaementWhilst fighting with the assembly and trying to make sure that the result becomes a lookalike of the pic on the outer casing, I was encouraged and criticised by the animated twittering of three small swallows. They took a keen interest which was only interrupted by the grownup’s flyby feeding.

ear enough - the finished productAfter about three cups of coffee, a couple of trips to my tool shed, we now have a stable result that actually looks like the pic on the outer casing.

So by all means buy flat packs, but be prepared to loose part of your life over assembling them and make sure you have a well stocked tool shed. By the way the sky is blue like this – it’s not my swearing…… honest.