San Amaro (Fiesta) and the Ribeira Sacra in January

The second weekend of January sees the begining of the yearly fiesta season. Our perocia Proendos celebrates San Amaro our chosen saint. I highly recommend to read the Wikipeda entry about Saint Amaro. I find it quite entertaining and fitting to our area as we don’t have to search for paradise, we do get a glimpse of it every now and than.

San Amaro in Proendos Ribeira SacraIn the old year there is a collection, as like any proud village here, we have to have an orchestra. It is also the custom that on this weekend the extended families congregate and feast.

This year it did not rain! We did not have sub zero temperatures!

So abot 60 – 80 vecinos assembled to listen, dance a bit and watch the scarecly clad female performers.

Wake up call

A good opportunity to meet and work up an apetite for the cena (dinner) to follow. I have been reliably informed that it went on untill 2 or so in the morning.

The next day sees the “banda” visiting all aldeas to deliver what I would call a “wake up – fiesta goes on”.

Ribeira Sacra in January

Whilst writing this, Mer is shrouded in clouds and it rains.

But, because it is so changable, the sun transforms the area immediately.

A drive along the heart of the Ribeira Sacra is always an experience.

Heavy rain follows bright sunshine

After a good rain fall the sun is bright and warm, whilst the air has a cristal cristal clear quality.

As I have written so often, here in rural Galicia no half measures exists. When it rains it rains, as can be seen whilst driving along. Likewise glasses are never half empty, they are  always full.  So don’t ask for half a glass of wine, such things simply don’t exist.

These are pictures of a week ago, when we ventured into the heart of the Ribeira Sacra enjoying a nice sundrenched mild day.

Passing through Doade, one can stop at the Cantina for a bite to eat and than trundle onwards and downwards to the “embarcadoiro” and the only bridge across the Sil in this neck of the woods (sorry vines).

Catamaran at Doade

There is also a short walk with breathtaking views or you can hide in a milenium castania (near Doade).

On weekends the catamaran does run, once a day on Saturdays and Sundays.

If you are not fond of the idea of spending 2 hours on the water between steep banks of either vine or trees and bushes, the club nautico is always worth a visit

terrace club nautico doade

Sitting on the sunny terrace, slurping coffee and muching a bit of bicca (local cake) whilst watching the world float by, translates into sheer bliss.

There is time to exchange some new and old gossip or listen to a bit of local history, and, as it is outside, no park, school or other such place nearby, one can have  a smoke.

Now we look forward to the next fiesta which is the anual ” Fiesta dos fachos” in Castro Caldelas on Wednesday the 19th of January.

Hasta pronto