Oficially @ 1:59 am summer starts in Galicia and thus in the northern hemisphere

I’m sitting in my office (16:30 local time) – the thermometer records 28 C (shade) – too hot to do anything useful, except writing (slowly) another blog post.

In the Voz de Galicia I read today that at 1:59am tonight (well tomorrow morning) the summer starts in Galicia and by default therefore in the northern hemisphere. It will last till the 22nd of September 17:44. Don’t ask my how these times come about, its from the guys with the big telescopes.

For me summer starts when for days in a row the thermometer hits 28 C and more at about 2:30pm.
even candles need a siesta This is also the time when even candles need a siesta.

So we will have to adjust to the Galician summer lifestyle – get up reasonably early, feeding, watering and do all other chores before it becomes to hot.

At about 1pm at the latest start winding down – have a light meal and hold siesta! Everyone else does.
Contrary to the film “high noon” the sun here reaches it’s highest point in its orbit at around 2:30pm. So having taken the whole morning to bring Galicia up to temperature the following two to three hours become really really hot. When the sun starts dipping behind the horizon it again becomes a different story as the temperature drops significantly. So sleeping for a couple of hours after coming home from visiting friends at 1am is not a problem – getting up is.  

flower bloom collage The flip-side of this heat and light assault is, blooms whose color become translucent or so intensive that it becomes complicated to capture this.

My neighbor has just started his grass cutter and is off to the fields – which means siesta in Mer is officially over -.

Now I have to find a good place to hide a bit more find a small job that doesnt need much energy. Maybe I should fill the outside bathtub for later.