Dinner – directly from the garden – most of it

These are our first forays into vegetable gardening. Having cleared, with help from friends, an area of about 10×10(feet) this was covered with black foil until this spring.

veg patchWith seeds we bought and lots more we where given by our neighbors we started. Salad from seed and small plants did rather well until it got to hot (didn’t know that). Peppers we bought as small plants so could try and plant a wide variety. Brassicas, col for the bunnies, onions, garlic (didn’t like the wet spring), peas, beans, tomatoes and carrots – all in.

We also chucked some left over potatoes on the compost – they do rather well there. So tonight – Eco dinner from the “huerta”.


Sorry must dash – hungry ….



PS The excellent “lomo” comes from the local butcher.

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  1. Looks delicious. Cauli looks great! Can’t wait for our next visit. Mental note to plan it around harvesting!

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