Two weeks no car – no problem living near Sober

Just got a call from our friendly garage in Monforte. Salvatore speaks German and has worked in Germany for a long time.

So we have some new vents and a brand new cylinder block as the old one was a bit burned out. This may be due to us driving on 3.5 cylinders for quite a while…….

It’s an interesting experience as we hardly noticed not having a car. Yes, the summer weather helps as the “huerta” is producing and we still get treats from neighbors. It’s only about 30 minutes cross country to Sober with its two super markets, pharmacies and bars. We did the trip 3 times but more for fun than necessity.

The bread van comes each morning and we again missed the fish monger coming round on Wednesdays.

There is always someone going to Sober so when we needed another 30 m2 of plastic foil we just hitched a ride.

We had guests staying with us and friends visiting all of no problem.

We think that should it ever be nessesary a monthly serious shopping trip using a taxi will probably surmise.

So having no car here in the friendly neighborhood of Galicia and specifically near Sober is of no problem.