Feria do vino Sober Amandi – 2012 – Buen Exito –

Feria do vino Amandi Ribeira Sacra

The feria do vino 2012 in Sober, the heart of the Ribeira Sacra, was “updated” a bit. New cathedral like tent and new cabins for the wine boys and girls.

The artesans where banned to the outside as it is “Feria do vino”.

Filla tent - The new cathedral in Sober

So during last week the new “Cathedral of Sober” went up.

What is needed to fill such a place to bursting?


Major of SoberYou need an energetic mayor.

Luis was driving the members of the concello up the wall whilst preparing for the fiesta.


Lemos Verde the colourful peopleAs usual we  – Lemos Verde – brought a bit colour to the otherwise normal proceedings.


Most people we talked to where apreciative of this as it was a “bit different” to the standard feria offers.


We also learned that, although we live here, we may have to pay for the priviledge which will make it a no go in the future.


This hobby is expensive enough and we simply will not be paying for exibition space that helps attract people.

Memebers of the concelloWithout the employees of the concello the whole thing would never float.


They not just give Sober a friendly face they also work very hard.


Than there are the adegas of which Val de Lenda is one of the best – At least in the mind of the author, who lives here and has tasted nearly all of them.

Val de Lenda - Amandi wine - finest




Team Val de Lenda - Fine wine of Amandi



Team Val de Lenda – Amandi fine wine –


It is true – there is no finer Mencia than the one from Amandi in the RIbeira Sacra – La corazon de Galicia.



The result of all this work - Feria in Sober (Ribeira Sacra)













This results in a very great fiesta.








Congratulations to the Concello and all participants who once again put Sober on the map.


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  1. … Parece más Santiago de Compostela durante el año santo que Sober. Impresionante.

    Looks more like Santiago de Compostela during Holy Year than Sober. Impressive stuff.

    Keep blogging L.I.G!
    Anna de textilesnaturales on the other side of the river

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