Feira da Rosca – Mer Sober – Always 12th of August (market day)

As written before feiras (ferias in castellan) and fiestas not necessarily are on weekends. Our local Feira da Rosca is dove tailed on the first market day in August. This, in Sober is the 12th.

Sober market and feiraNormally Sober is on the quiet side. August sees nearly all houses inhabited as lots of Galiciens come home for the holidays and there are some tourists as well. So with a market and a feiria on top Sober explodes into life. So that you don’t miss it, at 10am there is Disparo de 13 Bombas del Palenque. Big bangs between you and me.

Feira de Rosca SoberRosca (del Reyes) according to Wikipedia goes back to either the three kings or probably the Saturnalia’s from roman times.

Either way, there is a huge variety of this round or oval shaped cake. Here in Sober it’s made from flour and as Saffron is a bit on the expensive side yellow food coloring. The cakes are round and go well with whatever one fancies on top. Cheese, ham, fruits (dried or fresh) everything is possible. The central well was  decorated the show the theme. Local artisans exhibit and sell alongside the normal market.

Gaitas Monforte Ribeira SacraEntertainment was provided by the Grupo de Gaitas – “Os Albarinios” – from Monforte de Lemos and folk dancing by the “Lemavos”.Agrupacion Folclorica Lemavos

Alcaldesa lends a helping handWhilst this is going on the children made their own rosca. Our alcaldesa Raquel Arias Rodríguez was happily lending a helping hand or maybe tried to keep some sort of order. Nevertheless once these cakes where done and each child had its own named plate, they all trot off to the local bakery so they could have their very own rosca.rosca con quesooffering of the rosca

The last high point of the Feira da Rosca was the public tasting. In the background lots of slices of Rosca with a slice of cheese had been prepared. These where marched to the well and feeding tasting got underway.

sit down have a mealThan it was time to find a seat in either one of the tents or at the local bars to sit down for the important meal (national dish – fresh pulpo…. but there are also other choices) as well as more talking, see and be seen and simply enjoy the day.

Thanks to the concello and everyone involved. It’s great to see that these feir(i)as not only are well organised but mostimportantly appreciated by everyone and thus keep a community alive. 



PS Why not visit the Sober concello site for more information and not to forget the tourist information at the plaza (or praza) is open throughout August.