Water features by Life in Galicia

Hand made copper & steel water features from Mer Sober Galicia Spain
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Individually hand made water features
A combination of copper and steel.

Flamed & aged steel leafThe trickling of water helps to create a soothing and calming atmosphere.

The fusion of gracefully aging copper, rusting steel and water dripping of the edges blend well into the ever changing scenery of nature.

The aging of the two metals does change the appearance over time. Copper darkens and and may show a blue  green patina of age, whereas the steel leafs (flamed) rust. The red brown to dark brown of the leafs always slightly contrasting to the copper of the stems.

The small trees do run with a small solar pump kit, thus can be located totally independent of mains electricity and are completely save to operate. If you are after a bit larger ones we recommend a normal pump.

Testing a small tree with a solar kit

All leaves are individually connected on the back. The water runs on the backside of the leafs and dribbles of the edges. The amount depends on the pump. size, in case of solar - the sun and you can adjust nearly all pumps to your liking.

All of these features are tested. You may need a toothpick or a thin wire to clean the tube ends from time to time, depending on the water source and pump they may clog up a bit over time.


Small tree in a water but (solar)The small trees do have between 5 and 7 leaves and are about 40 - 50 cm high, larger trees and individual designs are available.

We have and use drilled stones as a base connecting the stems with a bit of standard water hose to the pump. Most pumps don't like dry running and a vessel of suitable depth should be used to prevent dry running and the need for frequent topping up.

This one is installed in an old half wooden barrel. For a larger water feature we have sunk a large black tub into the ground with slightly sloping sides. Put a plastic foil on the sides leading into the tub, put some slats over the tub and covered the area with gravel and rocks. No water to be seen, just the dripping tree and some small plants and moss.

Larger tree on sand - Shadow world

Larger trees, this one is about 80 cm high with 12 leafs (It can be connected and will drip water) just stands on sand, has some rusty chain and some extra fallen leafs on the base. Even with no running water it is a highly decorative item.

The costs of these water features are - up to 7 leafs 8 Euro per leaf. Larger trees are slightly more expensive, due to the steep rise in copper prices and it takes more time.

These are all individual and not two trees are the same.

We have or can source  a small solar pump kit - this is suitable for trees of up to 70cm height with up to 12 leafs. This costs 45 Euros.

Most garden centres or DIY stores have a good range of small and safe AC pumps. We can advise and source for you as it depends on the installation, like additional water fall etc, which pump is suitable.

We have some pre drilled stones, these are 5 Euro or if you have a stone that you would like to use we can probably drill this for you.

For more information please contact us. You are welcome to visit us. We have more examples on display or working on new ones. You can also see the gardens but please call ahead as we are not always on site. We are sometimes on the market in Sober as well (12th and 24th of the month).

The garden centre in Monforte - A Campina de Lemos - also has examples on their site.


Small tree with cobre and steel 8 leaves You can purchase this for delivery world wide

These are hand made so might be slightly different than the example shown


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