Potential BREXIT issues for UK nationals staying at Casa de las Flores or Casa do Polo

– Sorry page is in English only –

Well, now the final stage  is still under negotiation as per 15th of October 2020.

If you reserve with us and, in case of a problematic BREXIT, might be unable to fly or travel to us – no worries we will reimburse any reservation moneys but still you need to advise us at least 14 days before the date of arrival.

You can book flights as the airline will have to reimburse you if the flight is cancelled due to BREXIT. We still advise to pay any tickets with a credit card as it becomes the problem of the c card issuer to reclaim any money.

IDP’s – International driving permits. It is likely that you require an IDP after the 31 of December.

Unfortunately there are two varieties covering different nations you may drive through.

The 1949 Geneva which covers Ireland, Spain, Malta and Cyprus and the 1968 convention one which covers the rest of the EU plus Norway and Switzerland.

So either, travel through France, or arrive in Portugal and hiring a car you will probably need both, obtainable at post offices. If you just hire a car in Spain and don’t intend to cross any border the 1949 one is sufficient.

If you travel in your own car, your insurer will cover third party liability but you may need to apply for a green card.

Travel insurance with health cover, because the European Health Insurance Card will no longer be valid as things stand.

Passport: Please make sure this is valid at least for six month after day of arrival but not longer than 10 years.

You may have to apply for the ETIAS online registration system or there maybe a small fee payable when entering the EU.

We will try and update this, if and when things become clearer.

We just hope all this does not affect your travelling plans and you still concider staying with us @ Casa de las Flores or Casa do Polo.