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Nearby Casa de las Flores / Casa do Polo

You see here in Sober @ Casa de las Flores or Casa do Polo we are in the true heart of the Ribeira Sacra and rural Galicia. 

But never fear the coasts – both of them – are not far either.

Lets explore :


Has 2 supermarkets, 4 Bars and a restaurant and 80 ! Adegas (Galician name for a winemaker)


Monforte only 10 minutes away has more supermarkets, bars and restaurants. Well worth a visit – The Parador – the old castle on the hill. A great place to have a coffee and admire the view of the “Vale de Lemos”. Just below you find the old jewish quarter.s


Not giving away too much of our personalised tours. Next is Castro Caldelas. You are entering the heart of Amandi a D.O. within the RIbeira Sacra and experience Europes steepest vineyards. A tour on the catamaran on the Rio Sil can be booked in advance when you stay with us.

When you reach Castro Caldelas on top of a mountain plateau (1000 meters) a real castle and a small but great old town and a graveyard with a view to die for can be taken in during a stroll.

From here, once you had a coffee and tasted the loacal “bica”, why not explore the “Pasarela de rio Mau” near Cristosende.



Alternatively you can explore the “Montañas de Invernadeiro” heading towards the “Cabeza de Manzaneda”. 

On the way we recommend to visit Celeiros and the bar Cardiego at the embalse de Chandrexa. The sandy beach may invite you to a swim in the cristal clear waters.

Orense – Fashion city of Galicia with a nice old town and great “Termales” – public and Japanese styled – along the banks of the rio Miño. 

On your way from or to Orense you come past Os Peares. A little side tour and you can sit on the railway platform and have a late afternoon drink – after you did the little walk under the railway bridge heading upstream to reconnoiter the small park and picnic area – where again in summer you can swim – beware its a very cold mountain stream though.

Nearby Casa de las Flores / Casa do Polo

Scaling - Distances from Sober

A Coruna - 100 Minutes Los Cathedrales - 90 Minutes Santiago de Compostella - 80 Minutes Saria - 35/40 Minutes Cebrero - 80 Minutes or 120 Minutes Quiroga (O Courel) - 35 Minutes Ponferrada - 110 Minutes Portugal - 110 Minutes O Porto Airport - 150 Minutes