ITV – MOT – TÜV – calling – Don’t be surprised

It’s a nice touch. At least here the ITV (MOT) will call you about one month before your badge expires.

I think its a great service. Yes it’s automated and all it tells you is that your car is due by (so and so date) you than are asked to select 1 and confirm that you got the message.

So there will be no excuse when you found overdue.

After having gone through the slightly bumpy process of rematriculation an older car and having spend some money on it, to get it through, we look forward to this one. By the way, first time the car regardless of how old is treated as a new one and one has 18 month, after that it is yearly or for commercial vehicles half yearly.

If they find a minor fault you usually have 30 days to have it rectified and if a second inspection is required its free.

I wonder when our car will start calling us to ….
…complain that it’s cold …. …complain that the lat batch of fuel is not up to standard….

So we’ll drop by there and if we are lucky there is no queue and we can do it there and than, otherwise they do have  a very efficient way of pre-booking.