Friends lend a helping hand – Hilfreiche Freunde – II

Deryck and Doreen – our English surrogate parents – visited next.

Deryck is a dab hand at all things DIY and “constructive” around the house and garden. Together they have not just doubled the size of their original bungalow but also kept a rather large garden including woodland in check. In his spare time he runs a range of websites (see: Deryck & Doreens websites)

With Deryck’s guidance and helping hand I attempted to insert a door and frame into space. To build a small wall and insert an old warped frame (taken out somewhere else) and a matching door is no mean feat.

Yes Deryck – I finished the job. Plastering and all trimmings whilst Barbara did the painting. Honest! see below.

The weather, again, wasn’t too kind and we set Doreen to the task of restoring our front door. Sorry for the photo but I couldn’t resist. And again thanks to your preparation and excellent work we now have a finished, representable front door. Posti is happy as he now has a large mailbox as well!


In between it was relaxing. We introduced both to the typical Galician lunch. An affair of 3 courses plus coffee and brandy. This can last between 2-4 hours!

But this gives the necessary sustenance and energy to explore the surrounding area. A highlight of which was the bloom of white and yellow broom together with erika.


Thank you for visiting us. Your help, advise and company has been invaluable. We hope to see you again soon.