No flowers – At the end of the world

It seems that in Galicia if you can’t eat it, can’t produce anything with it and if it’s not suitable as an early warning system it’s not planted.

The absence of fully stocked garden centers and specialised nurseries came as a bit of a shock to us. “Garden centers” do exist but as of yet they are a far cry from what is offered in the UK (and in Germany as well).
sprouting rosesNow there is the Internet. That is if you can find a Spanish company sending plants to Nirvana (or the end of the world).

We tried one – twice – Bakker.mushy knolls

The plants took about two month to arrive!

ashes to ashes



We still have no idea why shipping from Barcelona to our little village in Galicia takes 4 – 8 weeks. We have new (well new but used) trains and a journey only takes 13 hours.

The first time round they send a voucher – keeping the shipping charges – The second time? We don’t know yet as they haven’t answered the complaint.

So we brought a suitcase full of seeds from germany and are now looking for a suitable green house.

It is not worth the disappointment to try and order plants on the Net if one lives in Galicia.
Galicia can sometimes still be at the end of the world – although C. Columbus sailed in 1492 and tried to change that.