Once a year – stop drinking – cut it

It’s the time of year. Stop drinking the fermented grapes and get out to cut the vitis.

Yes, your average vine grows like a liana and unchecked can easily reach 35 meters. We have just “checked” the last ones which we over looked last year.

vines before vines before the cutAfter having taken lessons from a neighbor last year we felt suitable “educated” to undertake this on our own. All that is needed are small and big ladders, sharp shears and a saw.

There are hundreds of methods to cut vines. Depending on the variety, area, culture and desired results.
We don’t cut for fruit, rather for shade and coverage. grapes galoreThe fruit are a very very nice add on and if you are around at the right time you’re welcome to try and eat as many as you can reach. We have red and white mencia – delicious!

If cutting for fruit mostly two spurs with three to five buds are left and tied. We leave some more spurs and also leave some of the long last years shoots to extend the reach and create shadow for plants and visitors.
It is important to cut out all dead wood and spurs as these encourage diseases. If in doubt start cutting a bit further out and check the cut for green wood.

vine cutwell done

 It helps to put down a ground sheet and cut the waste to a manageable size. As we had lots of mildew last year we will have to burn the off cuts soon – well if we ever get enough rain to lift the fire ban.

cut to sizeWith luck and the right weather this will soon look like this.vine dungle I didn’t really believe it last year and can’t wait for this to happen again.