Day 4 trucker strike Spain – Empty supermarkets but no shortage in toilet paper

Living in rural bliss here in the Ribeira Sacra Galicia I was dimly aware that a strike is going on. When chatting with a  friend in the south he mentioned this. As it has turned nice and warm, my concerns and effort is rather directed at keeping the wine free of mildew, make sure our guests are happy rather than watching any TV or reading news.

huerta - the greensBut today my wife came back from the weekly shopping trip and was rather disgruntled. “What a waste of time – supermarkets are empty – no fish – no meat - but plenty of toilet paper” “Even your preferred brand of coffee has sold out” The good news is we have plenty of salad and other greens as well as a reasonably stocked deep-freeze. The local wine producer (Canabal) had my new 15l carton ready – so it’s not all doom and gloom.

I checked some news sources on the net and yes we are seeing the 4th day (of a planned 4 day) strike of hauliers. BBC news here.

I cant and wont comment on the strike as I’m not in this business and simply don’t know the full repercussions of rising fuel prices here in Spain in relation to haulier business.

As Monforte is preparing for a three day fiesta the lack of fresh fish and meat is going to cause some interesting problems. Will Pulpo be flown in by helicopter? The national dish is a must here in Galicia and it is unthinkable to not have it during a fiesta.

Of the fall back – Chorizo, cheese, ham and wine – here in the DO region of Ribeira Sacra we should have ample.

I’ll keep you posted

Expat & Floppy 

PS Floppy is concerned about the fresh supply of carrots and has requested that we post a guard for the rows of carrots in the “huerta”