Setting up this blog – technical bits

As I’ve set up blogs before one has the advantage of certain hindsights of wich S@@M is one, as well as unwanted or ridicoulous comments.

So this one uses WordPress version 2 available here

Before you start out there are some plugin’s that will make your life easier.

To prevent s@@m  I recommend: 

You need to open a free account on to get an API key for AKISMET, It’s really free and only used to see how many installs are running. It is a plugin that usually is part of your installation. If not, it’s here

This will take care of a lot of rubbish for you.

Download the simple mathematical comment challenge it is very easy to integrate and activate. This will challenge commenters with a simple math question like 3+9=12  thus preventing automated systems swamping your blog.

I have also loaded a simple trackback checker This will eliminate all these empty or automated trackbacks that don’t actually have your link.

Now there is only the question of theme to be addressed. We selected a slightly unusual from the hundreds available. It, like so many, needed quite some adjustment to work correctly and look well.

Now all is set and blogging from Galicia will start in earnest.

Let us know if you like / dislike it and what can / can’t be improved (just be kind)


PS update 2009/04 This is now on 2.7.1 and a few more usefull plugins’s – auto close comments – seo package – etc. – all standard WP

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