Vendimia II – Grapes to wine to party – St Martin

Name day is more important here than birthday. So the 11th of November – St Martin – just the date and occasion (excuse) needed to have little party.

In Germany “Federweisser” the young fresh wine just having stopped fermenting is served together with “Zwiebelkuchen” (onion cake). OK, so having just finished the walls in the future salon and installed a wood burner we converted this into the party cellar being next door to the active bodega.

clear and drinkableYes we were pleasantly surprised that both barrels yielded drinkable wine. The white already clear and the red still a bit cloudy.bodega
Our neighbor Carmen allowed us to use her bread oven and so it was all hands to the kitchen in preparation for the evening.
the f word - food

The building site was made suitable with some lights, candles and least the walls are finishedAll it took was a good mix of people and it became a great evening. Our guests drifted between the Spanish and the English corner with translations backwards and forwards.

I never thought I will even attempt to make wine but after last night I’m thinking about future labeling.

Zapatero = Shoemaker  Our house is known by this name, as once there lived a shoemaker.

So how about  “Zapateros Bodega – Wine to walk miles for” (or avoid by the same distance…)

I have just tried and I can get my head through the doorway (just) so it’s back to work.