Frozen moments – Tiempos de niebla – On a cold Sunday morning in the Ribeira Sacra

Yes I’m not an early riser. The beauty of winter is that early mornings are at a more adaquate time for someone who likes to sleep in. This allows me to enjoy these mornings without severe curtailment of beauty sleep and speaking of beauty these mornings with their colorless quality can be quite haunting or when hit by a ray of sun the color becomes striking and stands out.

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Just outside in our garden.

Island in the fog
Tropic meets arctic
Is there anybody out there ?
A game of Mikado
A frozen promise / Una promesa congelada
Vat a day

Now the frost is forgotten. The sun shines and the sceenery is in full color again – yes very true VAT a DAY !   See you all on the 8th of December Xmas mercadillo !!!!