Finally woken up to 2014 – Here is what happened so far….

Now, if you watch soap operas – or spanish television, which tends to be just one of those – it alway starts with … what happened so far ….

Feria de Navidad
Feria de Navidad


The “Feria de Navidad” happened. If you click on the picture you will be given the full slide show.

Pulse la foto para mas …..

It was cold but a beautiful day and we where pleasently surprised that lots of people had a break from making chorizos and came to have  a good look and nose  around.


Christmas tree

Our christmas tree arrived 2 days before Christmas Eve. But only after …..
After Eva (from A2mas design – architects in Monforte) and ourselfes had to declare the gardencenter ACampina a German enclave and thus demanded the prompt delivery of this item, or else……

Bend it



Due to the average size of the people who live and lived here, the ceilings tend to be a tad on the low side and therfore its not just me that has to bend.





The ritual burning of the tree – in my memories of my childhood there where never any needles left – concluded this season of overindulgence thinly veiled by candles and greenery.






But than there is the bi-weekly feria in Sober. And what better way to introduce passing foreigners to the habits of the indegenous Galicians.

pulpo and wine




Namely PULPO and local wine.


Artesania textiles naturales






Whilst all this was happening the new shop of our friends on the other side of the Rio Sil opened.

You have not visited ? Go there – do not go to jail – go direct just click on the pic.


Posibly the first  Galego




Finaly – meet the potential ancestors of the present day Galicians. From a skeleton found in caves here in the north west it was possible to extract DNA (esp. ADN) from a tooth and the sequencing resulted in some surprises. Blue eyes and a dark skin.


Maybe it is an early tourist of the Ribeira Sacra !!!



Keep reading this blog – more to come – promise !