Semana Santa – Processions , Weather, Medievial Market & parties

The weather is not in favour of Semana Santa, its cold and rainy. Never mind life goes on. Here in Spain the main days of Easter are Thursday and Friday, that’s it. Saturday all shops are open and Sunday is just to wind up for the next week.

The Easter processions are taken very serious, unfortunately this years inclement weather delayed some and some had to be cancelled. To get an idea head over to YouTube and check this one.

Here in our casa in Mer we just prepare some Easter treats (German style) for the village kids as well as for ourselves.


Where we come from one of the Easter treats is a nice roasted lamb.Here at the casa de Flores and Zapatero we asked a neighbor for a nice lamb. Ooppppssss……, it was a bit bigger than expected but we had Tatiana and Floria over from Madrid and Florian having been brought up in the countryside in Romania took over as our own in house butcher.

Carmen readily agreed to let us use her stone / bread oven so we are going to have a feast for hungry carnivores.
More of this in one of the next blogs.

I think we coined a new saying – The butcher in the house saves on…….. –



In the morning we went to Monforte as they had their 4th medieval fair. It’s always a good opportunity to see and be seen and maybe sample some delights or pick up the odd barging or handmade craft.  One can stock up on herbs or medieval remedies – there is a herb for everything. The Gaitas get the people in the right mood and there are some typical alcoholic and sweet tidbits.