Just when I did my fist selfie – Kremlin bans selfies – Xunta to follow ?

Life here in Galicia is hotting up.

Next week average of 32C is predicted.

My first selfie
My first selfie

Just when I came round to take my first selfie what do I read in the news?







The Kremlin is starting to ban public selfies. They have created a whole bunch of pictos to enforce / demonstrate this.


OK it is aimed at dangerous situations but there is a general one as well.





So one wonders when this will be adopted by the Galician Xunta




It would look like this on the scarcely available tourist maps / guides.

No selfies in Galicia
No selfies in Galicia










Well then here is a slideshow of flowers guarantied to NOT being selfies.
[acx_slideshow name=”selfieflowers”]


More not so selfies soon………