take time out – just build a private beach


renovating can be fun. If, like me, you have plenty of material amongst which is a ton of sand why not have some fun with it.

bath in the wild So instead of taking my daily bath in the wild, once we managed to clear the yard even further, it was time for a change.

Ortego, our friendly building and construction supplier, had just delivered a ton of sand. Barbara just returned from Monforte and had the weed suppressing foil in the car.

A final clean up. Down with the foil and about half a ton of sand later……. voila..

private beach Mer Sober Ribeira Sacra private beach Mer Sober Proendos

It only takes a bit of TLC and now we have a private beach – probably the only one in Sober (Mer).

renovating fun private beachSo who said renovating can’t be fun?


PS Needed for the job:- Weed suppressing foil – 1 Euro / m2, building sand = 24 Euros / ton, sun lounger = 12 Euros,  sun screen = 14 Euros, shovel, rake, wheel barrow, about 6 man hours (slave) labour and a bit of imagination.