Feria do vino 2010 – Sober (Amandi) Ribeira Sacra

Feria do vino Amandi Sober Ribeira SacraNo, I’m not sorry. I know, yet another fiesta and please hold on tight next week is semana Santa! Yes, you guessed correctly,  another range of fiestas and processions.

I heard a very good idiom the other day in German – Ihr habt die Uhren, wir haben die Zeit! – which is translated – You have the watches, we have the time! – Usted tiene los relojes, tenemos el tiempo!

Craft from Mer and Uxia

This year we asked to participate and show and sell crafts. The concello de Sober included us in the special tent that is build for the “Artesanias Sober”. I think it was another first for the concello, the people and definitely a first for us. Us this time is Janice  from Uxia near Gundivos and Barbara from MER!

Janice makes fantastic patch work and small gifts from fabrics.
As you can see very colourful. Barbara had prepared lots of painted and decorated Easter eggs, the famous decorated pots, as well as some more decorative items and as a novelty – cane tops -.

I’m not yet entirely sure what the Galicians made out of this “colourful folk” but we received a lot of encouraging comments and people not only looked but also bought. Again this shows why not try? Like with a lot of other things people said – oh it wont work – it wont sell – it wont be appreciated – my answer: rubbish.

We should not forget that Spain is deep in the crisis and money is certainly tight but nice and well made things are always appreciated.

A band from Monforte

Ferias and Fiestas

every body joins inEveryone can join in.

Everyone is welcome.

With a little bit encouragement we see a potential future band member taking his first dance steps and than having a try at being first trumpeter.

But before this it’s a slow start in the morning.
slow start in the morning

pulpo - the main attraction

The main attraction – Pulpo – has already arrived and the pots a blubbering in anticipation of the crowd

The streets are filling Sober Feria do Vino

The well meaning speeches get underway. If, at least, they would train the speakers a bit and adjust the mikes correctly, it would be much easier to understand, even though its in Gallego.

Ribeira Sacra Feria do Vino The speeches

Feria in full swing

On the Sunday the Feria really is in full swing. Although it is noticeable that we are in the crisis as well. Money is tight, even for wine.

Val de Lenda my this years favoriteThe times when the wine sold by the case and truck load seems to be a bit distant.

I’m not the ultimate connoisseur or sommelier and only tastes some reds this year. My favorite this year is the Val de Lor. It won a prize and quite rightly so as it has a wonderful balanced taste.

Artesanas de Mer y Uxia (Gundivos)

Here we are, small but colourful.

The reaction was quite positive. We realised and knew its the first time and it will take a while for new faces and things to be accepted, nevertheless it was a really great adventure and worth the work and time. 

A lot of people approached and said – “We have seen you on TV” – So one should not underestimate the 5 minutes of fame, even if its only in regional TV.

Dance the night awayThe evenings (Saturday and Sunday) where rounded off by great bands and dance music. We rather disappeared as our feet where hurting already.

Again a big thank you to the Concello and all the people who helped and supported this event.

Don’t forget:

You may have the watches – We have the time!


PS The delay in publishing is due to Telefonica deciding to leave us without phone and Internet for about 8 hours…. honest it’s not an excuse…..

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  1. Hi Martin and Barbara
    Looks like fun and I wish we’d been there! We are coming over in a couple of weeks so look forward to seeing you?

    Martin – as our Spanish Movistar mobile phone works okay in our house, can we assume a Movistar (Telefonica) dongle will also work okay? I will need to do some work while I’m there, and am thinking of going in to Movistar in MDL to buy a dongle. I want good speeds but only for about 10 days – any advice?

  2. Hola,

    great look forward to see you.

    movistar seems to have a weekly contract

    I found Voda -http://www.vodafone.es/particulares/tarifas/internet-en-movilidad/bonos-prepago/

    Its changing on a daily basis here in Spain, so…..

    If you get into a fix you can always coma over – ADSL 6MB – sorry….


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