The last week in July – Bits from the Ribeira Sacra

Super grapes at Mer
Super grapes - So far


Grapes well – all is well.

At the moment when you enter our kitchen you are immediately transferred to foreign countries, adventure, pirates, old sailing boats and the like, for the simple reason that a large paket with really fresh spices arrived from a specialist in the UK.

A paket full of spices
A paket full of spices











If you want some spice in your live I do recommend to check out

Spice Master UK

Market surprise
Market surprise


At the last feria in Sober, we where somewhat surprised and amused when a bloke asked about the “Pendientes de la Reina” or Fushias and than asked if he could transport them on a motorcycle. Immediately we had the mental picture of a Fushia clinging to a driver on a Yamaha doing 150Km/h.

So I went and ispected what turned out to be a motor scooter. Still I discouraged him by saying that I did not think the plant would survive a ride.

But than I can only title this as – LOVE IS……

He turned up with a carton and carefully pakaged the plant into it.

Love is
Love is.....



I imagine that resting comfortably in the footwell, it arrived without too much damage and hopefully is now enjoyed by the new owner(ess).


Shows you – Love can be a flowery motor scooter.



Tied to a hose @ Mer in Sober
Tied to a water hose...

If she isn’t sniffing (spices) – Barbara is more or less permanently tied to a water hose.

Spectecular results
Spectecular results


The results are spectacular and don’t forget some of the  pictures can be clicked to show large versions for you to enjoy (works on a tablet as well – don’t know about IPad)


Alternatively you can still visit the garden, just call ahead, so there is someone to show you around.



Response from Xunta
Useless response from Turismo (Xunta)


Live is great here in Galicia, nevertheless there are some sour grapes or areas of improvement.

A big one is dealing with “Funktionarios” and government offices here in Galicia.

We complained and insisted that future communications are to be in Castillan, as we do not understand Gallego and we live in Spain where the offical languge is Castillan. The Xunta might think different but by law they have to provide everything in Castillan as well.

So I’m p…ed off as we received another totally useless answer from Turismo in Lugo –  in Gallego. …. Informe favorablemente a posibilidade de ….. so its positively possible BUT maybe not…. This is in times of crisis and – positively possible – is not very encouraging when one is on the brink of spending a larger chunk of money……..

So we are going to complain to the Xunta  (Sekretary general turismo ond other useful things) and see what happens next – maybe we need to ask for asylum somewhere soon.

We’ll keep you posted.





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  1. I have thoroughly browsed thorough your blog. Reading thorough articles I feel that I am myself living there, breathing fresh air and devouring grapes like that. I would definitely come myself to Galicia and see for myself what life is like there.

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