The water lily flowers – must be summer in Galicia

Great, our little water lily flowers. OK, it may look like a fake from the Chinese shop, but believe me its real.

So finally they are here, the long summer days. No excuse needed to have a siesta, its too hot  to do anything useful anyway, except that is I may come round to post some more blogs.

It’s still a couple of weeks until the season starts in earnest. When the “operation salida” starts, the time of main holiday here in Spain, Madrid and Barcelona will empty of natives, the numbers made up by tourists who like to be grilled, whereas rural Galicia will come to live again.

For a couple of weeks it maybe a bit more problematic to park in Monforte but on the flip site all attractions are open and fully maned , the swimming pools operate and and food and tapas is less of a hit and miss.

For those of you who know the area here, Rosende (swimming pool bar) has brilliant Tapas but only Sundays, during the rest of the week you should ask for a racion jamon, which is excellent.    

Beach at Mer 54Here at Zapatero / Casa de Flores it is more decision which shade to use. Beach and umbrella, north side under the overhang or somewhere in the gardens preferably under the ever growing vines.

Sorry, I don’t want to make you envious…. well maybe just a little bit.

Ribeira Sacra vines and roses

In the Ribeira Sacra the vines are growing full tilt. The clusters (vine flowers) are developing great.  – Did you know that these are “perfect flowers” as they have male and female parts – so sorry little bee you’re not actually required.

We’ve been told that due to a new hydro project the Rio Sil is going to be lowered by 15 meters for quite a while. It seems to have started as there is noticeably less water in it. I will check further but could be interesting to see long forgotten features reappear and some poos catamaran stranded on a cliff.

No worries the Mino is not affected.

Long summer shadows

The long balmy summer evenings also produce a very smooth light and draw huge soft shadows. The picture on the right is of a recently restored house and the colour scheme and stonework simply come into their own under such light conditions.

Now I have to finish another water feature and prepare for tonight’s tapa session. Monforte railway station – tapas and a drink on the platform – observing the excitement of the two trains that pass through and stop. If one is lucky the freight trains put in an extra show.

So long have a great summer wherever you are.


3 comments on “The water lily flowers – must be summer in Galicia

  1. Oh, in der Farbe habe ich die Seelilien(?) noch nie gesehen. Wunderschoen!

    Und was eine Aussicht! Traumhaft!
    Da haette ich auch nix gegen 🙂

  2. Beautiful site, and wonderful (? ganz ausgezeichnet) work you’ve done and are doing on your home in Galicia. It all looks stunning, and very much in keeping with, and respectful of, vernacular style.
    A schoolfriend’s parents moved to Vigo in the ’60s, so I heard a lot about the region and assumed that one day I would visit. The day never came, so it’s great to be able to have a virtual visit via your blog – thank you!
    I’ve dreamed for years of following El Camino, which would bring me near to your location; but have more pressing concerns at present.
    Best wishes, and chuss

  3. Hi
    thanks for your comment.
    Never say never – I did and it happened……

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