Smoke on the roof – Don’t be alarmed – It’s normal in Galicia


Feliz ano nuebo – Happy new year – Frohes neues Jahr

Finally the rains have come, with a vengeance. It’s cool and wet but when the sun peaks through all is forgiven.

smoking chorizoHaving had matanzas all over the place – yes here it is still custom to kill pigs at home – one now sees a lot of blue smoke coming out of roofs. We where somewhat alarmed until a kind neighbour revealed the source.

Smoking of all the hams and sausages is very often sill done by having a chamber next to the kitchen with some stones on the floor where a smouldering fire is lit. Above this one finds row upon row of chorizo, hams, pancheta and other goodies being slowly smoked.

So driving along, slightly smoldering barns or houses are no issue to worry about – at least this time of the year.